Are your classes FREE?


Noncredit classes are free — with no registration or enrollment fees, proof of residency or prerequisites.

Most noncredit classes are open entry/exit and may be repeated as many times as needed to progress to the next level.

Do you offer other programs besides ESL, Business, and Healthcare?


Yes, we offer a variety of free courses and programs, including High School Equivalency Prep, Construction, In-home-Support services, Phlebotomy, Administrative Assistant and more. The offerings vary by college.

Click here to view all the Short-Term Non-Credit Programs by college.  

I am a student interested in your programs and classes, but I don’t live in California, what do I need to?


Noncredit Adult Learners must be living in California. If you're an out-of-state student, please visit nld.org for schools in your area.

I am interested in taking free non-credit courses/training; what do I need?

  • If you are a current LACCD district student,
  • You can log in your student portal and enroll just like a credit course. You do not need a permission code to add and you are able to enroll at least one week before class ends.
  •  If you do not know how to enroll, you can view this video.
  • If you are not a current LACCD district student, you can apply via our website.
  • Select: Noncredit Application link for your college of interest and continue to create or log-in to your CCC APPLY account. Finally, complete and submit the application and wait a maximum of 3 business days to receive your student ID number via email.

If you are interested in noncredit and credit courses, select this option.


Select the blue College Credit Application button and continue to create or log-in to your CCC APPLY account. Finally, complete and submit the credit application and wait 3 to 5 business days to receive your student ID number via email.

What is the difference between noncredit and credit classes?


When you take credit classes, you are typically working toward a degree or certification. Noncredit classes are designed to develop skills through short-term training, and you will receive either a pass or fail grade at the end of the course. There are tuition fees associated with credit classes. Noncredit classes are free of charge.

Is financial aid available for noncredit courses?


No. Federal Financial Aid is not available for noncredit classes. Noncredit classes are tuition free. Students are responsible for the purchase of books and supplies. Financial aid is not available for these materials.

Are there grades in noncredit course?


Yes. Grading options for noncredit classes include:

  • Pass (P) = Satisfactory completion of cour
  • No Pass (NP) = Did not complete course satisfactorily
  • Satisfactory Progress (SP) = Satisfactory progress towards completion of course

Is there a noncredit transcript?


Yes. Students who take noncredit courses can order a noncredit transcript.

Why should a student take noncredit courses or a noncredit certificate program?


Noncredit classes assist students seeking to improve math or English proficiency, increase literacy and job skills, prepare for college-level courses and advance employability.

Can noncredit courses be repeated?


Yes. There are no repeatability limits for noncredit courses.  

Can noncredit classes be transferred to another college?


No units are earned in noncredit courses and, therefore, are not designed for transfer to secondary institutions, nor do they apply toward a degree.

Are noncredit vocational certificates recognized in the industry?


Yes. Many of these certificates are favorably recognized by their respective industries, and are frequently used as a valid signifier of professional advancement.

Who should I contact for more information?


You can request more information by sending an email to the campus of your interest:

Can undocumented community members take noncredit courses?


Yes, undocumented community members can take noncredit courses and the noncredit CCC Apply college application does not ask for residency status. The hours earned in noncredit courses can count toward an individual's AB 540 status. Contact the college’s Admissions and Records office for more information.

Can I take courses if I do not have a high school diploma or equivalent?


Yes, all community members can take noncredit courses. However, we strongly encourage all students to complete their high school diploma or earn a GED. High school equivalency classes and testing are available at many LACCD colleges. Please visit the website for more information.